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How do you speak the words;
I no longer want this life,
And be heard without judgement?

Tears constantly fall that no one sees,
Pain that no one understands,
Self loathing that will never be spoken.

Constant overhanging darkness
Draining the light from every angle
Like a swarm of fear, hatred and death.

Drowning, choking, fading away,
Loathing existance with every breath
Crumbling, falling, drowning with emotion.

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The Box

Heart locked in a steel box
Pad locked and hang tightly
Protected from the violence
In a world of love
The lies the torment the abuse
All kept at arms length
Until the beating heart is cold
Still and lifeless in a boned cage
Metal melted away from loneliness
For the world to see the truth
The longing the pain
That all it ever wanted
Was a box for two
And be complete…

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Sitting here

thinking it through

of all things I long to say

to tell you how I feel

and what it means

begging for the day you sit up

take notice

knowing it will never come

Longing looks

sideways glances

dying inside laughter escapes

ripped at the seams and hiding away

no breath escapes

waiting praying begging


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It never ends,

never ends,

just keeps going

on and on

until the world stops spinning,


Blurred into existence

torn from reality

out of control


Crawling backwards

sinking downwards.

Mumbled, jumbled.

It never ends,

never ends,

just keeps going

on and on

until the world stops spinning,


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Paintballs and Empty Rooms

The smell hits me like a wall

hard in my mind

the sweet odour of paint

shot from a gun

I’m back to all those years ago

when you were by my side

and life was a song

melody playing in the air

like a dying love song.

Walking through empty rooms

watching the laughs, the smiles,

come to life before my eyes

the smalls things we took for granted

every one is held with these walls

faded in the fire of my heart

but clear as crystal in my mind.

The reason I ran,

the reason I cried,

the reason I died.

Now I’m back it’s all still here

drowning me in tears.

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Destined to live

in solitude;

away from human touch

hidden from the world

and eaten by pests.

Dreaming, praying,

calling your name.

If I should die today

would you notice the stain

the gaping hole?

If I should fall at your feet

would you bend on knee

or just step straight over?

Would you run to my aid

if I needed you

or would you fly away?

Are you man enough

to be the man

I really need

or are the rumours true?

That you’re nothing but

the king of cowards

too scared and lazy

to say your prayers

and make your dreams.

How many times must

a sad girl cry

and how many times must

a dying girl smile?

How long must we go


breaking hearts

and crushing dreams

falling apart and

gluing it in uneven lines

one word, one stab

and it falls apart

why won’t it stay as one

since you blew it to



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Open Wide

Sand beneath cracked heels,

warm and comforting.

Gentle sound of

waves roaring

crashing against the pier.

Somewhere in the distance

a seagull ducks and dives

graceful as Princess Odette,

in the midnight hour.

Poker hot sun

flying among reflected blue

reddening untouched skin,

causing tingles, like fresh kisses.

Swell of exhilaration,

sigh of contentment.

Don’t close your eyes,

open wide and drink it in,

rapture before your eyes.

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Goodbye, Hello

A warm hand at the side of death
Lingering looks filled with compassion
Sorrow fills the thick air
Tears roll among the swell
Fear rises above all else.
Loneliness takes control
And emotions run high.
Glad to see that face;
One of comfort
One of love
One to ease the pain.
An empty bed
A broken picture frame
Bleeding knuckles.
That smile so calming
Those eyes so loving
Fingers so understanding.
Wanting solitude to fill the gap
To just sit and cry and scream
Not wanting to see a soul.
Missing a piece of heart
And gaining another
A new angel to guard to stars
And smile upon us.

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Broken Salmon

Here we go again

me to the rescue

saving little old what’s his name

from drowning,

yet again.

You’d think his mother would stop him

it’s the third time this month

my coat is ruined and muddy

and I hate the smell of salmon.

Maybe I should jump in the river

get washed away

see if anyone rescues me.

Look I even broke a nail

what happened to the easy life?

All I want is to lie by the fire and sleep

but no I have to save the little brats.

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