Destined to live

in solitude;

away from human touch

hidden from the world

and eaten by pests.

Dreaming, praying,

calling your name.

If I should die today

would you notice the stain

the gaping hole?

If I should fall at your feet

would you bend on knee

or just step straight over?

Would you run to my aid

if I needed you

or would you fly away?

Are you man enough

to be the man

I really need

or are the rumours true?

That you’re nothing but

the king of cowards

too scared and lazy

to say your prayers

and make your dreams.

How many times must

a sad girl cry

and how many times must

a dying girl smile?

How long must we go


breaking hearts

and crushing dreams

falling apart and

gluing it in uneven lines

one word, one stab

and it falls apart

why won’t it stay as one

since you blew it to



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