Sleeping On Your Side

You were a friend, a lover,

but oh how it’s changed.

A moment in time twisted.

With you by my side,

I felt I could conquer life,

with you inside me,

nothing else mattered,

with you lying next to me,

I felt contentment.

Promising me the world

and never delievered,

but I didn’t mind.

It was the nights I longed for,

with your breath against my cheek,

your fingers entwined with mine,

our bodies slotted together perfectly.

I longed to tell you how I felt;

that I wanted more than that

too scared to speak

incase you ran…


One day you were here

next day you were gone,

like a piece of art

hanging in a dusty gallery.

You said we’d always be friends

but you never come round anymore.

My life’s bleak and empty

and the tension rises.

The bed feels empty

as I sleep on your side.

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