To Dream…

There was a warm breeze as Dean and Abby strolled along the beach hand in hand, they had removed their shoes and socks and the sand was comforting as it sunk beneath their steps. Abby sighed contentedly as she gazed out at the Ocean, the pink sun slowly sinking into its calm current as it lapped against the shore. Dean watched the expression on Abby’s face, filling his heart with more warmth than he’d ever felt before, a smile playing on his lips. Abby turned and smiled at him shyly, falling into a sea of green as she stared into Dean’s eyes, Dean held the gaze and leant down, placing a chaste kiss upon her lips. Pulling away Dean smiled and shrugged off his jacket, Abby’s hand suddenly felt cold as he slipped his out to place his jacket on the soft sand below them. Dean motioned for her to sit and Abby complied sitting on the edge of his leather jacket, as Dean sat next to her. Dean sat, wiggling his toes in the sand, his hands resting on his knees, Abby slipped her arm through his, resting her head on his shoulder, watching the sun continue to fall. Dean placed a lingering kiss on the top of Abby’s forehead as she nuzzled against him.

They sat in silence, heads resting against each other until the sun had disappeared from sight. Dean lifted his head and pulled his arm from Abby’s grasp, slowly turning his body to face her, Abby frowned and looked questioningly at him. Dean slowly licked his lips and edged forwards, closing his eyes as his lips met Abby’s. Abby eased her body closer to Dean’s feeling a blanket of warmth wrap around her as he wrapped his arms around her, gently lowering her down until they lay side by side, half on Dean’s jacket, half on the sand. Abby blushed as Dean gazed into her sparkling hazel eyes, a gentle hand reaching up to brush her soft red hair out of her face. His hand lingering against her cheek, he placed another soft kiss against her lips and allowed his tongue to ask for entry. Abby parted her lips slightly, feeling Dean’s tongue run along her bottom lip, it amazed her after so long how he still always asked permission.

Dean’s head whirled with emotion, as he kissed Abby, every time he kissed her it was always like the first time, the intoxicating scent of her perfume mingled with her own amazing smell, the softness of her lips, the silkiness of her hair. “I love you.” Dean murmured quietly opening the gap between their faces slightly and losing himself in her eyes again. Abby search the emeralds in front of her and saw love and comfort within, sending comforting shivers through her.

“I love you too.” Abby responded nervously. She knew Dean loved her but he had never said the words before, the snug feeling inside her chest growing, as Dean continued to keep the eye contact, running his fingers lightly over her bare arm. Abby leant in and kissed him again, pushing him onto his back to deepen the kiss herself, feeling the safety of his arms wrap around her again.

Hours seemed to pass before Abby pulled away and rested her head against Dean’s chest listening to the steady beating of his heart. She trailed her finger along Dean’s ruffled t-shirt, deep in thought, as Dean ran his hand soothingly along her back, staring at the stars.

Dean blinked as he opened his eyes, the sun was beginning to rise behind them and Dean gasped, they’d spent all night on the beach. Glancing down he saw Abby motionless on his chest, a feeling of home washing over him, he leant up and kissed her head, gently easing her off him. He stretched as he stood up, releasing the aches and cramps that had crept over him during the night. He watch Abby sleeping peacefully on his jacket before scrawling words in the sand.

Sitting back down next to Abby he watched the Ocean crash against the rocks in the distance until he felt Abby stirring next him. Abby smiled seeing Dean’s face staring down at her and scrunched her face together removing the rest of her sleep filled daze, Dean motioned towards the sand in front of her, frowning Abby sat up and stared at the words embedded in the yellow sands. She nodded and turned to Dean, throwing her arms around him kissing him. A feeling of completion drifting over both of them.

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