Sex and Cops (R18)

This post contains scenes of a sexual nature.
Adam opened his eyes sleepily and stared at the blonde lying in bed next to him. He winced as his head began to pound, the effects of last nights alcohol taking repercussions on him. Desperately trying to remember what had happened after his millionth tequila slammer, he couldn’t remember anything, no blonde, not leaving the bar, not going to bed, and not what happened before he passed out. Crawling into the bathroom he lent against the wash basin glancing into the mirror and sighed “Oh man I look like crap!” he exclaimed.
“Not to me you don’t.” came a voice from the doorway. Adam jumped. His eyes glued to the curves of the blonde’s body as she stood casually against the doorway.
“Erm S…?”
“Skyla.” she said rolling her eyes.
“Skyla, yeah, right, sorry.”
“And you’re Adam Dainty, the George Jung of the East Coast…”
“How’d you-”
“I did my research boy, just like every good cop.” Adam gulped suddenly terrified for his life, expecting Malik to burst through the door at any point and arrest his boxer clad ass “Don’t worry I’m not gonna arrest you, I’m one of the good guys, I know what you do, I know better than anyone and I’m willing to put up with it.” Skyla whispered, trailing a delicate finger down Adam’s chest. Adam gulped again, not sure what to make of the blonde throwing herself at him. “Shall we pick up where we left off last night?” she asked, her hot breath against his ear making him shiver.
“Depends where we erm, where we stopped last night.” Adam questioned, his nerves getting the better of him.
“Round about here.” Skyla replied, plunging her hand into Adam’s boxers. Adam’s eyes widened, feeling her slim fingers wrap around his every growing manhood. Skyla giggled softly against his stubbled cheek, Dean sighed happily as he felt the warm breath tingling against his skin.
“Well if we’re gonna do this we might as well do it properly.” Adam smirked and flipped Skyla down in his arms, a grin spreading across his face, Skyla bit her lip invitingly as she stared up into his sparkling green eyes, the brown flecks almost dancing with excitement. He scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bed, swiftly removing her bra with one hand as he lay her on the bed. He leant forward and ran his hand along the outside of her thigh and up the side of her silky smooth body, Adam’s eyes wandered along the curves his hand was taking, before glancing directly into Skyla’s icy blue eyes, his mouth hovering inches away from her face, Adam’s eyes flitted down towards her pink lips and back up to hold her gaze, he edged closer feeling her breath mingle with his, before Skyla raised her head and caught his lips with her own, Adam’s tongue plunged deep into her mouth, taking control. Skyla ran her nails lightly down Adam’s back as the kiss became deeper. Adam’s hands wandered over her body, sending chills through her. Skyla smirked beneath him and wrapped her arms and legs around him and throwing her weight until Adam was pinned below her. He pulled away and smiled impressed, Skyla raised her eye brows at him, leaving a warm trail of kisses along his jaw line and down his neck, gently nipping every now and again, she continued the trail of kisses over Adam’s broad chest and licked a line from navel to the waist band. Adam licked his lips in anticipation as Skyla looked up at him through her blonde curls, lifting his hips off the bed she pulled down his boxers, and nibbled her lip, contemplating, slowly she licked her tongue along the inside of Adam’s thigh and up until her mouth was hovering over his erection, she glanced up and smiled wickedly before settling her lips on the tip of his cock, letting her tongue slowly lick the tip, teasingly. Adam let out a low groan and tried to thrust himself up and deeper into Skyla’s mouth, feeling frustrated that he can’t move as Skyla pinned his hips to the bed. He groaned louder as he felt her mouth sliding downwards and hitting the back of her throat as she giggled, the vibrations from her vocal chords sending uncontrollable shivers through his body. Skyla let her tongue lick around Adam’s cock as she slid it back out. Licking her lips she began to hum a tune, sliding him back into her a mouth and letting her teeth gently slid over the soft skin, earning another pleasurable groan from the back of Adam’s throat. Feeling his cock reaching the back of her throat, Skyla swallowed quickly until she held the entirety of Adam’s manhood inside her mouth. His eyes widened as he felt her lips around the base of his cock, her tongue slowly licking up and down as she continued to hum. He’d never felt anything as good, many girls could deep throat but none with so much ease and the humming was driving him insane, he struggled to stop himself from cumming to early, savoring the feeling, as Skyla pulled away she steady him with her hand and twisted her mouth using her teeth and tongue to drive him wild. Adam’s groans were becoming more erratic and louder. Skyla smiled and stood up, casually waltzing towards the bathroom.
“Hey! Where you going? You cant leave me like this!”
“I’ll be right back stop being a baby.” Skyla winked and closed the bathroom door.
Adam huffed and threw his head back against the pillow, hitting the head board, he cursed under his breath and sat up, pulling his body up to lean against the head board and folded his arms, waiting, frustrated.
handcuffsWhen Skyla finally reappeared in the doorway he smirked, silently thanking God for her return. “Can’t have you cumming to soon this time.” Skyla giggled strolling over to the bed, Adam glared up at her and hooked his fingers around the waist band of her knickers, pulling her closer and yanking them down quickly, before pulling her onto his lap, she squealed and wriggled out of her underwear. He lent forward and pressed his lips to hers passionately, and felt Skyla melt against him. He ran his fingers through her lose blonde curls and let his fingers trail down her back until he reached the curve of ass. Sklya pulled away, flipping her hair over her shoulders as she pushed Adam back against the head board, pinning him with her forearm across his chest as she straddled him. Skyla was memorized once again by the emerald eyes, there was a true fire burning behind them. Blinking she pulled away and slid down slightly, dropping kisses along his tanned chest, running her fingers along his sides. Adam chocked back a groan as he felt her lips graze across his nipple, sliding his fingers down her back once again but this time not stopping he continued downwards and let his fingers slide underneath, Skyla gasped and raised herself more on her knees to allow Adam better access. He moaned gruffly as he felt the change in Skyla’s breathing, his fingers sliding inside her wet hole working their magic, Skyla let out a soft moan threw her head back as her body began to tingle. Adam took advantage and kissed her chest allowing his mouth to play with her pert breasts, sucking on her hard nipples. Skyla ran her hands through Adam’s ruffled locks and pulled him in closer as she moved her body down onto his fingers. Adam broke free of her hold and leaned over the side of the bed, rummaging in his jacket for his wallet and pulling out a condom. Licking his lips Adam handed it to Skyla, who took it willingly, ripped the packet open with her teeth, carefully pinched and rolled like a pro. He lifted her chin with his finger and kissed her deeply. She lifted herself up off his lap and used her hands to guide herself onto him. They both gasped as she moved herself all the way down, Adam continued to groan deeply into her neck as she moved rhythmically, rocking her hips as she did so, he knew he wouldn’t last long. He dragged his nails down her back, hearing moans of pleasure coming from. Skyla leant back on her hands and continued to move in the same rhythm feeling the full extent of Adam’s excitement, brushing against her g-spot. Adam ran his hands over her curves and allowed his fingers to tease her like earlier, he watched with delight as she threw her head back moaning loudly as she sped up. Adam moved his hips in the same rhythm helping her to keep going as her body began to shake. He closed his eyes and bit his lip groaning from deep inside as he exploded. Skyla pulled herself up and rode out the after shocks of their orgasms before promptly leaving Adam a wreck on the bed. She gathered her belongings and headed into the bathroom. Adam sat slumped on the bed panting, his head still spinning in his post coital daze.
The Motel room door flung open and Adam jumped, feeling the cold breeze from outside whip over his body, glancing at the outside door he gulped “Malik?”
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