Courage to Speak

Your name lingers on my lips

Like an untold tale

Threatening to be exposed

Filling my eyes with salty tears

A lump forming in my throat

Needing to express how I truly feel

Consequences lingering in the dark

Just out of eye shot

Feelings of love

Feelings of pain

Not willing to share the reality

Too scared to speak to words

For fear of hurting others

Wanting nothing more than

To hold you close

Feeling skin against skin

Feeling heart against heart

Knowing you’d give it all

If I only said the word

Maybe its all in my head

The pain

The ache

Maybe its all the past

The love

The passion

Fighting the ever growing pain

Pain that pulsates through my veins

Driving me on to believe

Believe that one day we’ll be

Be together

Together is where we belong

All I need is the courage to speak…

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